Sunday, January 15, 2017

16 Dead Horses (2009 - 2015)

For those who remain convinced that the Calèche industry is built on the premise of keeping Montreal’s history and heritage alive, who are drawn by its romantic appeal, who believe in the carefree happy life of a working carriage horse, let us invite you behind the scenes and into the reality of a working carriage horse. 

Behind the charm and romanticism falsely fabricated by decorated and colorful carriages, and horses bringing smiles to children’s faces who feed them carrots, lies the essence of the life of a horse exploited by an unmerciful industry; an industry which believes in cutting corners to maximize profits, which also manipulates sentiments, evades the system, and obscures the unsavory activities. The death of a horse is tragic. It is also inevitable. Horses get sick and pass on. 
The manner in which a sick or dying horse is handled is what needs to be exposed to the unsuspecting or uniformed. This report is a history of the horses that have died at the Montreal stables since 2009. It is up to you to draw your conclusions. Read more here.

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