Saturday, July 23, 2011

Calèches Working in the Heat

The calèches were out and working today at 1 p.m. -- it was already 31°C and the humidex at 43%. It felt like 37°C. The Police and the inspectors have been informed and hopefully serious action will be taken towards the drivers. As I was taking these pictures, I was verbally assaulted by the drivers and an owner. It's appalling to know that these horses are in the hands of such violent and vulgar people. If they were hoping to discourage me, it didn't work -- now I'm even more driven.

 This calèche driver above actually offered me a tour ride, when I kindly inquired about whether he was leaving...

“An owner operator may not leave a horse hitched to a vehicle between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. when the outside air temperature, as determined by Environment Canada at the Dorval Weather Office, reaches or exceeds 30°C”

If you witness anything:
1)TAKE THE  NUMBER OF THE CALECHE (it's on the plate at the back of the caleche)
3)CONTACT THE EMERGENCY NUMBERS (you'll find them on the right of this blog)
4)TAKE PICTURES AND VIDEOS (send them to the emails on the right and to us as well)

Thank you!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Horses Jazzed Up for the Fest

Filming this video today was heart-breaking, as you can see. Yet, this is how the horses are fed -- with a bucket hanging over their heads. Not to mention I was in the calèche pick-up area for a while and no water was in sight the whole time.
Furthermore, the horses are being over-worked more than usual this week-end, as many tourists swarm the city for the Jazz Fest.
It's even more saddening to see that the children are not being taught by their parents how abusive this industry is. But actually put them in danger should the horse get spooked. In this case they could be flung out and injured at the least, as has occurred in the past.
Also notice that the by-law allows not more than 1 person per seat. There are more than that in this calèche and even more in the one passing by in the background.

The horses and the calèches are ridiculously adorned for the occasion, but that certainly  doesn't make the reality any more beautiful for the horses.

Please, if you witness anything speak up, takes pictures, videos and send them to us. Thanks!