Thursday, June 2, 2011

Help Ban the Calèches in Montréal

The picture on the flyer is of the calèche horse, Jim, euthanised on the streets of Québec City in July 2010. It was not the first time that Jim collapsed due to extreme fatigue.

June 4th is Horses Without Carriages International Day.
Please help spread the awareness by forwarding the flyer above 
to everyone!


  1. Horses should not be used in big cities for the safety of humans and the horses themselves - this is not romantic - this is cruel abuse!

  2. I led the letter writing campaign that caused Vancouver City Hall to ban carriage horses from our downtown streets over 20 years ago. You can do it!

  3. take the time 2 now some of the driver some of us do love or horses and d ont make them work in the days time

  4. I know that some caleche drivers take more care of the horses. But still a city is not a place for a horse at any time.